What is a Relationship Between Happiness and Beauty?

Beauty is such an indispensable value for humanity that it has been one of the most important issues of philosophy. When we look at nature, there is perfect beauty. There is an endless harmony and a very “aesthetic” composition in mountains, lakes, seas, rivers, forests and even desserts. What about the animals? How beautiful those birds, ducks, peacocks, cats, dogs, gazelles, lions, horses are all. The interesting thing is that all these animals do not have an idea about beauty, do not make an effort, and perhaps do not even realize it. 

As for man, the distinction between beauty and ugliness starts there. In fact, man is extremely beautiful, but unfortunately, his judgemental intelligence, who accepts neither himself nor the rest of nature as it is, plays games constantly to him. Man is aware of all the beauty around him but has never been satisfied with his share. Decorating has been important since the day humanity existed. Man has tried to increase his beauty on every occasion. The tradition of painting and jewelry, which was a part of religious ceremonies thousands of years ago, gained different meanings as societies changed. 

Today, maintaining a beautiful, well-groomed and youthful appearance has become almost a necessity. Indeed, “beauty” has become a “power”. Appearances have become one of the most important criteria in politics, social life and business life. A young girl looking for a job, a scientist preparing for a conference, a business person going abroad, politicians starting an election campaign feel the need to be “beautiful”, “well-groomed” and “stylish” just like the stage workers. Of course, a value judgment that can be so decisive can lead to countless mental problems. When they look in the mirror, countless young and old people, who do not like themselves, retreat from life and fall into a deep crisis.

This is where the mission of estheticians comes into play. Everyone, whether men or women, can be more beautiful and younger at any age. The possibilities are endless. Anti-aging and aestheticism have become one of the most advanced research topics, and most problems have a cure. It can be coped with baldness, weight can be removed, wrinkles can be removed, and the body and body structures can be changed as desired. With all these opportunities, youth and beauty can continue to be the crown of your head for many years. Changing society, value judgments and the age in which we live are big claims. But change ourselves, and to live with peace with the mirror is in our own hands. The formula for this is also simple. To stay healthy and young, it is necessary to make a life plan. It is not a dream to be very beautiful at any age when you add cosmetic facilities to this plan. It is worth trying to be a little happier. In fact, happiness is success itself or in other words, the greatest success is “happiness”. Do not deprive yourself of health, beauty and happiness.