Treatment Process Plans

Happy Life Ahead offers you great opportunities at an affordable price for your treatments. We can prepare tailored treatment process plans with all-inclusive packages for your healthcare procedure by providing all that patients need in their health tourism experience in Turkey. During your treatment, you will have the following opportunities and services at different locations in Turkey.

treatment process plans

The patient will provide us with detailed information regarding their medical background, such as previous treatments, reports, tests and other documentation regarding their current preliminary health conditions.

We coordinate and exchange this information with our doctors after we have collected all documentation from the patient.

The most suitable care and medical treatment process plans prepared in detail by our doctors will be transferred to our specialist planning team.

treatment process plans

The patient will receive a comprehensive treatment plan, medical protocols and a pricing bid.

The patient decides which services they would like to take.

According to the travel schedule, the patients will purchase their airline tickets.  Airport transfers take place on planned days through our team.

treatment process plans

Our medical staff welcomes the patient to the clinic to start the treatment.

If it is in the treatment plan, we continue the treatment in the following days

On the patient’s order, our planning team will arrange city tours, shopping and social events before or after treatment.

Finally, our transfer staff will take the patient to the airport after the final check-ups of the treatment.