Arm Lift

The skin on the arms is slow and loose one of women’s biggest problems. Sleeveless clothing makes this issue more apparent. Skincare and weight management are not adequate to avoid ageing except by doing daily sports. Patients who are really dissatisfied with the skin on their arms may have arm lift surgery performed.


  • How is Arm Lift Performed?

The surgeon determines how much of the sagging skin is and the density of the fat tissue. If this shrinkage takes place because of weight loss, liposuction is first applied and the excess skin is surgically removed. Often the skin that is slanted near the axillary is very slight, in that case, the procedure can be accomplished by making an aesthetically better incision in the axillary. However, the tilt is generally made from the axilla towards the elbow, so the inner arm from the axilla to the elbow is incised but cannot be easily seen from the front and back of the surgery.


  • After an Arm Lift Surgery

It is normally carried out with general sedation or anaesthesia. The incision is cut and the surgeon makes a thin dressing. On the fourth or fifth day and one week after the stitches are healed, the patient will return to everyday life. The patient must wear a compression corset for their arms after an arm lift operation. Thus the stitches all recover better and the skin is easier to adapt. In six months, the patient will meet the final result.


  • What is the Cost of Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey?

When it comes to plastic surgery, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries. A large number of surgeries are performed every year due to its qualified medical staff, good outcomes and reasonable prices. The cost of plastic surgery depends on the needs and the anatomy of the patient. Fortunately, it is 50-60 per cent cheaper in Turkey comparing to prices in Europe, thanks to Turkey’s medical staff and competitive prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the result of arm lift permanent?

Aging and rapid weight loss can cause more sagging in the arms following arm raise. It never returns to its initial state before the treatment, however. To sustain the outcome obtained, it is important for patients to pay attention to their weight and have skin care and do sports.

Do arm lift scars fade?

Yes, it can take some time, however. Many people may find that the scarring from their arm lift operation starts to disappear several months after surgery.

Who can have arm lift?

It is usually performed in patients above the age of 40. But if the condition is serious due to severe weight loss at an early age, it can be done with any patient over the age of 18.

Can I have breast lift and arm lift at once?

Skin sagging issues can occur throughout the body after significant weight loss. In general, the sagging of the breasts is related to the sagging of the axillary arm. Breast lift surgery can also be undertaken along with arm raising. In this way, a more pleasant appearance can be achieved.

What should I wear after Brachioplasty?

Wear easy, loose tops that open in the front for the first two weeks, so you don’t have to raise your arms above your head. To help your arms heal and achieve more optimal outcomes, you can wear a compression garment for three to six weeks after healing.