Dental Implants

Nobody enjoys the idea of dentures when it comes to their teeth, but living with gaps between your teeth decreases your self-confidence and ultimately harms your future dental health.
Dental implants offer a welcome relief from the inconvenience of dentures or the embarrassment of the gap in your smile. With our competitive pricing and service to have your affordable dental implants in Turkey, you regain your dental health and a confident smile.

  • How We Do It?

We will inform you about your care plan after an online consultation. Our dentist will advise you on how many and what sort of dental implants you need. You can read more in detail on our treatment process page.

Before we install a crown on top, our dental specialists use state-of-the-art technology to attach titanium root to your jawline. Titanium is the metal that is most compatible with natural tissues. It creates an extraordinary cellular connection with the bone. So that it is essentially distinct from the tooth which you lose.

  • What Are Implants For?

Implants may become necessary if the patient is unable to use their prosthesis due to the disappearance of bone tissue. Our dentists can then place prostheses over the implants to increase retention. In case of loss of molar teeth, our specialists may insert a dental bridge using a few implants instead of a removable partial prosthesis. If a patient loses only one tooth, we may insert a single implant into the place of that tooth. Implants can also help maintain the stability of dental bridges. If the gap is too large, a dental bridge may not be strong enough to use one or two implants to improve support.

  • Are Implants Durable?

While high technology companies have produced near-perfect implants on the market for more than three decades, newer brands of implants are also available. Your dentist can provide more information on the latest market options.

We Give Guarantee;

We provide a guarantee on all of our dental treatments.

  • Free X-ray
    You can have the chance to get a free X-ray before your dental treatment in Turkey. We will deduct the expense from your bill when we register you at our clinics in Turkey.
  • After treatment, we will continue to provide you with any assistance you need. Our partner clinics in the UK can support you in the event of any minor complications following your dental treatment. In case of any major issues, we will welcome you back to fix the problem in Turkey.


  • What Are the Prices of Dental Implants in Turkey?

The prices for dental implants in Turkey are 2-3 times lower than in the UK. However, the quality is of the same standard. We guarantee that you will find the most affordable dental implants in Turkey in one of our destinations


    Purchase your treatment right now with a 15% prepayment of the total.
    Fix the price and secure your treatment.
    Get the operation anytime in 2022.

  • Personalised treatment application and plan include;
  • Qualified and highly experienced health professionals
  • Clinics with internationally valid certificates
  • Sterile VIP transfers from & to airport, hotel and hospital
  • Free online consultation
  • 4-star Accommodation with breakfast with Safe Tourism certificate
  • 24-hour translator and guide
  • Free post-operative service
  • Lifelong online follow-up

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have dental implants?

Anyone in good health who can have a tooth extract may have a dental implant. They must have strong gums and a decent amount of jaw bone. Also, it is very important to take good care of dental hygiene and regularly visit a dentist. Those with chronic diabetes, cardiac problems, and prior radiotherapy sessions for areas of the head and neck should be explicitly assessed.

Is it ever too late for dental implants?

For each patient, the difficulty of the case is special. It is never too late to reap the benefits of this remarkable restorative solution as long as there is adequate bone left to insert a dental implant.

Do I need sedation for dental implants?

To be relaxed, you do not need full sedation for treatment. Dental implant surgery will require some sort of anaesthesia or sedation to take place, but you and your comfort levels are solely responsible for the extent of this sedation.

Are dental implants worth it?

Dental implants are likely to be the best choice for missing teeth replacement due to their longevity, appearance, and versatility, offering you a long-term option that will last for the rest of your life.

Can I get dental implants with gums that are receding?

Dental implants can also be preferred by patients who have receding gums to replace their missing teeth. It is true that the capacity of the implant to be correctly assisted by the jaw bone and gum tissue is a key factor in the effectiveness of your dental implant.