The health and safety of all our patients are our top priority.

The Secure Tourism Certification Program, which was developed by the Turkish government after the outbreak of Covid19, describes and recommends a wide range of measures to be followed with regard to the transport and accommodation of all Turkish residents and foreign tourists who will spend their holidays in Turkey, as well as the well-being and wellbeing of passengers/guests and workers employed in tourist facilities.


Turkey has carried out new guidelines for its hotels and resorts in response to the pandemic, such as temperature controls at entrances.   In order to help to protect all guests and to minimize the risk from the virus, all hotels have been instructed to follow high standards of health, housekeeping and hygiene control. Hotels have even taken measures to design their facilities, beaches, lobbies and pools to enable social distancing. Hotels have set up thermal cameras on their entrances to record body temperatures of both their staff and customers. People are also required to wear masks and to be compliant with social distancing during this time.


Passengers must wear a mask and practice social distancing both in the terminals and onboard. Passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied access to the terminal and will be denied boarding in order to protect public health. The body temperature of all passengers will be checked by thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance. Hand sanitisers are available in all areas open to passengers from the moment they enter the terminal building. Informative visuals and stickers have been placed at various points within the terminal to remind passengers to maintain social distance.



Turkey has succeeded in reducing the spread of the coronavirus and keeping its death toll at a low level relative to the world average by means of a comprehensive health care system, qualified, professional doctors and health care staff. Turkey’s healthcare system has so far demonstrated that it can cope with the pandemic at a time when developed countries face severe challenges. 




In the public and VIP transfer vehicles, the surfaces are rigorously cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and the end of the journeys as well as every hour during the day. All the drivers and passengers are wearing protective equipment at all times during the journey.