Dental Crowns

Dental crowns include the grinding of a substantial part of the original tooth to support the strength of the tooth. Our dental crown procedures result immediately and we usually install the crowns within at least a week at two appointments. Our dentists are among the most sought after in the country. They will absolutely make sure that your cheap dental crowns in Turkey yield as best results as possible.

  • Advantages of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a kind of cap. The top section of a partly damaged tooth is covered, thereby restoring full function and appearance. To those who need them, dental crowns provide many advantages. Dentists use the crowns most frequently to restore the smiles and transform the full smile of your teeth into form and size. Dental crowns cover the entire tooth and allow us to reshape your tooth.

  • Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns generally have two groups — permanent and temporary. Temporary crowns are for short-term wear until the permanent crown is ready for use, so you can chew and talk as normal.

Permanent crowns are;

    • Porcelain Crowns: It is a dental crown filled with metal placed on a tooth that has been reduced. Thanks to the support of metal positioned inside, it has a strong structure.
    • Zirconia Crowns: It has a strong structure that cannot easily be damaged. It is highly gum-compatible and does not stain or give any greyish shade.


  • Choose Foods Carefully

The first thing you need to do is to be more selective about the food you eat. It is best to stay away from chewy or sticky foods. They can stick to the crowns and pull them off, which leads you to undergo a new procedure. On a similar note, you should also avoid very hard foods for a while.

  • How We Do It?

Turkey provides the best dental treatment outcomes abroad with its well-educated dentists and innovative technology at the most competitive cost of dental crowns. We will brief you about your customized care plan after an online consultation. Our dentist will advise you on how many and what sort of dental crowns you need.

If your treatment also requires dental implants, our dental experts will use cutting-edge technology to attach a titanium ‘root’ to your jawline before installing a newly created tooth (crown) over top. Titanium is the metal that is most compatible with natural tissues since it creates an extraordinary cellular connection with the bone.

  • We Give Guarantee;

We provide a guarantee on all of our treatments.

    • Free X-ray
      You can have the chance to get a free X-ray before your dental treatment in Turkey. We will deduct the expense from your bill when We welcome you to our clinics in Turkey.
    • After treatment, we will continue to provide you with any assistance you need. Our partner clinics in the UK can support you in the event of any minor complications following your dental treatment. In case of any major issues, if caused by the treatment procedure, we will welcome you back to fix the problem in Turkey.
  • What Are the Prices of Dental Crowns in Turkey?

The prices for dental crowns in Turkey are 2-3 times lower than in the UK, but the quality is of the same standard. 


    Purchase your treatment right now with a 15% prepayment of the total.
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  • Personalised treatment application and plan include;
  • Qualified and highly experienced health professionals
  • Clinics with internationally valid certificates
  • Sterile VIP transfers from & to airport, hotel and hospital
  • Free online consultation
  • 4-star Accommodation with breakfast with Safe Tourism certificate
  • 24-hour translator and guide
  • Free post-operative service
  • Lifelong online follow-up

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the dental crowns last?

Dental crowns, on average, last between five and 15 years. Longevity of a dental crown depends on the amount of wear and tear the crown takes, how well you follow good standards of oral hygiene, and your personal habits connected to your mouth.

Is it better to have a crown or to have a tooth pulled?

Even if you have a gap in the tooth and with a crown it is saveable, then this will be a choice scenario for a crown. If you were to have a crack that split deep into the root of the tooth, though, and the tooth is not saveable, the only choice could be an extraction.

Do gums grow around crowns?

The gums will close up around the crown itself, so there is very little risk of cavities forming in your teeth. However, poor oral health and other factors can lead to gums around a dental crown receding, which can reveal the fragile tooth underneath.

Can I get a crown without a root canal?

They don’t need root canals for most crowns. It would not require a root canal if a tooth is not infected or acutely inflamed.

What percent of crowns need root canals?

There is a statistic that root canal therapy is required for 5% to 7% of teeth receiving crown restoration.