Happy Life Ahead

Cosmetic and Dental Treatments

Happy Life Ahead, registered in the UK, is a medical tourism company presenting consultancy services to patients to let them reach the best medical services for cosmetic and dental operations or treatments at reputable and distinguished health institutions in Turkey.

We elaborately prepare tailored packages of vacation and treatment for the patients so that they can choose the best option with high quality and affordable cost.

We are very eager to reach our goal of making our patients solely happy in all aspects by practising their care prepared by our hand-picked specialist doctors in Turkey and also by providing exceptional medical journey experience at the most affordable prices to make them feel comfortable.

“Smile to your healthy and happy life ahead.”


Treatment Plan

As our doctors follow and use the latest technologies at our clinics, they will accurately determine your treatment. If your doctor suggests you need any tests, we will inform you. You will be able to take these tests in Turkey or in your own country. The main advantage of this approach is that before arriving in Turkey, you can establish the budget needed for your healthcare. Click here to read more about the treatment process.



Before you arrive in Turkey, we will coordinate your transport, accommodation and hospital arrangements. Prior to your arrival, we will forward these reservation vouchers. All you need will be packed and ready to go when you arrive in Turkey.

We offer alternative hotel options, tour and travel options as well if you want to extend your journey. Our operational staff will accompany you, starting from the airport pickup and including the follow-up procedure.



You can choose any of the following destinations to get your treatment along with a relaxing holiday.

Istanbul               Antalya                Izmir                     Adana

Click here to read more about the cities