Fat Injection

Lipoinjection is a procedure which consists of removing body fat from a certain region, refining and injecting the fat into other areas to improve the texture of the skin and use it as a filler. Fat injection is also known as lipo injection.


  • In which body parts can fat be injected?

This treatment can be applied to many areas of our face :

    • Philtrum (between upper lip and nose)
    • Under eyes
    • Correction of sunken areas in the skin
    • As a cheek filler
    • Cheekbones
    • Chin tip
    • Wrinkles


It is also possible to inject fat into our body parts :

    • Butt augmentation
    • Cellulite treatment
    • Penis enlargement
    • Vaginal area
    • Breast augmentation
    • After liposuction deformities
    • After accidents/scars
  • Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection

If the patient does not want to make them wider, the breasts may be stretched a certain amount by injecting fat, so long as the patient has excess fat to be removed around the belly or the waist.


  • Penile Girth Enhancement with Fat Injection (Penis Enlargement)

Men who do not like the size of their penis may have a fat injection for penis enlargement. It takes about 1 hour and is done under general anaesthesia. Surgeons remove excess fat from the abdomen and centrifuges this fat. In order to make it bigger and thicker, the rich and advantageous selected fat is inserted back into the penis. Afterwards, the patient would not have to stay in the hospital. After 2-3 days, he will go back to his usual life. Sexual intercourse is not advised until the first month ends. Not all the fat injected will remain permanent in the penis after the procedure. Typically this percentage is 40%. The penis can be maximally 2.5 cm bigger via this process. If required, another session will take place six months later.


  • How is the Healing Process After the Fat Injection?

No scar exists in the fat-extracted region or in the injected area after the operation. In the first few days, a patient can have some very normal swelling and oedema. All the swelling is going to vanish after one week. To find the final results, the patient has to wait six months owing to the fact that the body can burn and absorb a certain amount of injected fat. The fat in the injected region will remain permanent after 6 months.


  • What is the Cost of Fat Injection in Turkey?

When it comes to plastic surgery, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries. A large number of surgeries are performed every year due to its qualified medical staff, good outcomes and reasonable prices. The cost of plastic surgery depends on the needs and the anatomy of the patient. Fortunately, it is 50-60 per cent cheaper in Turkey comparing to prices in Europe, thanks to Turkey’s medical staff and competitive prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fat transfer painful?

It is not a painful process to transfer fat. During the treatment, you may be under the influence of anaesthetic or completely sedated and won’t notice anything. You will be given paracetamol afterwards to treat any slight pain that you may feel.

Are fat injections permanent?

Although a percentage of the injected fat will be reabsorbed within the first six months, the effects are irreversible. The number varies from 30-50%. Some patients need “touch up” procedures to maintain optimum performance, depending on the aesthetic ideals.

Can you extract fat with a syringe?

Via a small needle attached to a syringe, fat cells are removed. During a liposuction operation in one part of the body, fat may also be harvested and then reinjected into another.

Is general anaesthesia necessary to do a fat transfer to face?

Usually, it is carried out under sedation, not under general anaesthesia. But it can change based on your choice and the advice of your surgeon.

Can fat injection be repeated?

Yes, it can be repeated several times.