Buttock Enhancement (Brazilian Butt Lift)

The buttock lift is a plastic procedure to improve the shaping of buttocks, butt lifts or brass lifts.

The main objective is to offer a new lift and form to the buttocks that fit the patient’s body. Various methods may be used, and this method has generally been popular in the whole world with the name of Brazilian butt lift (BBL).


  • What are the Techniques and Who can have BBL?

    • Those with low weight and no round buttocks can get a butt boost. Since an undercutting patient cannot remove excess fat, implants are inserted into the buttocks to give it a new form.
    • Those who lose considerable weight will wipe around buttocks and thighs. In this scenario, it is possible to lift the slender skin.
    • If a patient has enough excess fat around the thighs and abdomen, it can be removed and reintroduced into the buttocks. In this way, both the patient’s belly and round buttocks become smaller.

The last method listed is the most common since most women have excess fat around their waist and belly after pregnancy.


  • Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Injection

It has recently become the most common female surgery. After passing through a special processing system, excess fat is removed from the chest and thighs, to inject back onto the buttocks. The permanent amount of fat depends on the metabolism, age, lifestyle and eating habits of the patient. Typically a minimum of 50% of the fat is constant. It is critical that the patient keeps their weight at a certain level and that it does not shift dramatically. It takes almost 1,5 to 2 hours under general anaesthesia. A corset should be worn for 2 weeks after service.


  • Butt lift with silicone implants

If the patient does not have much excess fat to remove, the choice may be silicone implants to raise the fat. Between butt cheeks, small incisions are made. The implants are more robust than those of the breast. It can not be felt by contact as it is put under the muscle tissue. Since the incision takes place in the coccyx among two butt sections, there is no scar. The implants are highly developed and can last for a lifetime. It does not cause any complication or side effects, according to the study. It takes 3 to 4 hours to operate with general anaesthesia. After 5 days, the patient can return to normal life.

After butt enhancement:

    • 1 night of hospitalization is essential.
    • The patient must wear a corset compression. Wearing it for 3-4 weeks is advised to prevent swelling, oedema and adjustment to the skin.
    • You may have very common trouble when moving your body. There may be moderate discomfort and soreness, but your surgeon will prescribe pain killers for you.
    • Sitting is not a problem, as there are no incisions on the bottom buttocks.
    • It is extremely natural to swell and bruise and everything will return to normal in one month.
    • Sports should be avoided for 3 weeks following the surgery. In the meantime, you can walk quickly.
    • The surgeon uses solvent sutures. You will not need an appointment to remove sutures.


  • What is the Cost of a Buttock Enhancement Surgery in Turkey?

When it comes to plastic surgery, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries. A large number of surgeries are performed every year due to its qualified medical staff, good outcomes and reasonable prices. The cost of plastic surgery depends on the needs and the anatomy of the patient. Fortunately, it is 50-60 per cent cheaper in Turkey comparing to prices in Europe, thanks to Turkey’s medical staff and competitive prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you remove fat and get it back injected?

Excess fat may be removed by liposuction from the abdomen, waist, sides and inner thighs.

Will I have scars after fat transfer?

Scars with a maximum length of 4 mm are likely. But over time, these scars disappear and become very difficult to notice.

How long does Brazilian butt lift take?

Depending upon the technique, a BBL takes two to four hours to perform. A surgeon could prescribe a combination of implants and fat transfer if an applicant does not have enough of their own fat to transfer. The implants add thickness, and the fat can then be more accurately shaped.

When can I wear jeans after BBL?

Usually, before trying to wear tight clothes, including jeans, most surgeons recommend a waiting period of around eight weeks.

Do cellulites disappear after BBL?

A large portion of the cellulites will go after fat injection. Some patients are fortunate enough to get rid of all of them with BBL.