Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows are so essential for men and women alike. It can be accomplished if the eyebrow loss is caused by genetic disorders, scarring or tissue burning. Nowadays, people who have no medical problem at all prefer to improve the appearance of their eyes.


  • How is the Eyebrow Transplant Performed?

Eyebrow transplant uses the same medical protocol as hair transplant does. The main step is to know the design that you want. Before the procedure, your doctor will do the consultation to recommend the best treatment plans, taking into account your personal appetite.

Your hair follicles in the back of your head are harvested during an eyebrow procedure. Since the recipient area is relatively small, a large area in the donor area should not be shaved. In the donor area from which the grafts are extracted a tiny window is shaved.

The angle and direction of the incisions are also very important. They are usually made with the most natural look possible in a 25–30 degree corner. The FUE technique is used for an eyebrow procedure and, depending on the density of the native eyebrows, mostly around 300-700 grafts are enough to get a successful result.


  • What should I consider to choose a clinic?

Eyebrow Transplant is a surgical procedure. For this reason, we need to know that a plastic surgeon or dermatologist should conduct eyebrow transplantation.


  • What is the cost of an Eyebrow Transplant?

When it comes to plastic surgery, Turkey is one of the most reliable countries. A large number of surgeries are performed every year due to its qualified medical staff, good outcomes and reasonable prices. The cost of plastic surgery depends on the needs and the anatomy of the patient. Fortunately, it is 50-60 per cent cheaper in Turkey relative to prices in Europe, thanks to Turkey’s medical staff and competitive prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does eyebrow transplant last?

It takes about four months for the new hairs to start developing, and after a year, you can expect your results to reach maximum fullness.

Can you transplant hair into your eyebrows?

The best way to obtain permanent, three-dimensional eyebrows is to have eyebrow transplants. With transplantation, to produce a new, fuller eyebrow, your own hair is usually transferred from the back of the head to your brow area. Naturally, hair develops and is permanent.

Do eyebrow transplants keep growing?

The hair that is transplanted will grow as if it were already on the back of your scalp. While most eyebrows stop growing when they are about half an inch long or shorter, hair that is transplanted will continue to grow.

Can I have completely unnoticeable and natural results?

It is possible to transplant thousands of grafts and have natural results with high density, thanks to the well-developed FUE technique. The doctor’s experience and the capacity of your donor area are the most determinative factors in this issue.