Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to remove gaps between missing teeth. A dental bridge refers to a customized product consisting of two crowns and a “bridge” or a fake tooth in between that fills the gap.


  • Why Choose Dental Bridges?

If you have missing teeth creating gaps in your mouth, there are a number of solutions to consider. Dentures, implants, or dental bridges may be used. Dental bridges offer effective benefits at a relatively low cost compared to the other two options. Dentures are removable and quite uncomfortable to wear. Dental implants are expensive and require complicated surgery. They can be paired with bridges to correct gaps caused by multiple missing teeth. If you have only two missing teeth, the dental bridge is the most pain-free and cost-effective solution.

If you are unsure whether a Dental Bridge or a Dental Implant is the best solution for you, please get in touch with us today and we can advise you on all your treatment options and the cost of each treatment. There are several advantages to the choice of dental bridges. The most important thing is that the specialists can restore your smile back to normal. They will also restore your ability to talk clearly and chew food without any problems.


  • We Give Guarantee;

We provide a guarantee on all of our dental treatments.

    • Free X-ray
      You can have the chance to get a free X-ray before your dental treatment in Turkey. We will deduct the expense from your bill when We welcome you to our clinics in Turkey.
    • After treatment, we will continue to provide you with any assistance you need. Our partner clinics in the UK can support you in the event of any minor complications following your dental treatment. In case of any major issues, if caused by the treatment procedure, we will welcome you back to fix the problem in Turkey.
  • What Are the Prices of Dental Bridges in Turkey?

Dental bridges can be expensive when made of top-quality material. Health insurance in the United Kingdom does not always cover the cost of dental bridges. Happy Life Ahead offers high-end dental treatments at low operating costs. You will have access to dental bridges made of branded material but without the associated costs. If you choose to make your bridges in our clinic, you will save the cost of the lab as well. Please contact us for more details on the cost of this procedure.


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  • Personalised treatment application and plan include;
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  • Sterile VIP transfers from & to airport, hotel and hospital
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dental bridge be done in one day?

Firstly, we will take an image of the teeth. To generate the bridge, we will use these three-dimensional images. The dentist will mount the dental bridge after a couple of hours.

Is a dental bridge permanent?

A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth custom-made that fills the gap where one or more teeth are missing. The bridge permanently restores the bite and helps preserve your face’s natural form.

Do dental bridges come out?

Bridges are permanent. They are not removable. Dentures, on the other hand, are removable; in fact, you should take your dentures out of your mouth for brushing and cleaning.

How long after dental bridge can I eat?

Wait one hour to eat after cementing your new, finalized bridge. For a couple of hours, do not eat rough or sticky foods. Resume regular brushing/flossing practices and follow any special instructions your dentist gives.